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Basic Science Rehabilitation
Cognition, Depression, and Psychosocial Symptom Management
Disease Management, Mechanisms, and Treatment

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Basic Science

SC01 Use of Accelerometers to Measure Real-Life Physical Activity in Ambulatory MS Individuals of Different Disability Levels, poster
SC02 Brain Structural And Functional Abnormalities in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
SC03 A Comparison of XP23829 With DMF, the Active Ingredient of BG-12, poster
SC04 The Critical Role of the Toll Like Receptor 2/ Myeloid Differentiation Primary Response Gene (88) Pathway in Danger Signaling and Failure of Myelin Regeneration, poster
SC05 How Are Relapses, Symptoms and Disease Progression Linked in Early Multiple Sclerosis?, poster
SC06 Migraine is Comorbid with Multiple Sclerosis in Nationwide Inpatient Sample, poster
SC07 Characterizing Benign Multiple Sclerosis Using Age, Disease Duration and Disability Status in a Large Longitudinal Database, poster
SC08 Costimulatory Molecule CD40 is Elevated in Patients with MS, poster
Cognition, Depression, and Psychosocial
CG01 Social Workers Collaborate to Improve Care for Veterans with MS, poster
CG02 The MS Social Workers Collaborative of Washington: Sustainable and Thriving at Year 3!, poster
CG03 Can Demyelinative Lesion in the Brain Cause Behavioral Change?
CG04 Self-Efficacy Improvement in Multiple Sclerosis (SIMS): A Pilot Study, poster
CG05 An Update on Physical Activity and Cognition inPersons with MS, poster
CG06 Optical Coherence Tomography Metrics and Third Ventricular Width are Associated with Cognition in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
CG07 The Experiences of Mothers with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
CG08 Prism: A Novel Research Tool to Determine Prevalence of Pseudobulbar Affect, poster
CG09 A Mother's Love, Multiple Sclerosis & the Correlation Between Flare Incidences, poster
CG10 Multiple Sclerosis Presenting as a Focal Cognitive Syndrome, poster
CG11 Characteristics of Depression Disorders in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
CG12 A Study to Identify the Psychosocial Needs of Caregivers of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis in Zimbabwe, poster
CG13 The Soul Therapy, poster
CG14 Computer Practice and Cognitive Functioning in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
CG15 Cognitive Dysfunction in MS: Education Translates Science Into Practice, poster
CG16 Subtypes of Depression in Multiple Sclerosis: Phase 1 - Best Evidence Synthesis and Epidemiological Prognosis Framework
CG17 Addressing the Challenges Faced by Family Caregivers of People with MS, poster
CG18 Effectiveness of a Psychoeducational Wellness Program in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
CG19 Health-Related Quality of Life Among People with MS and Urinary Symptoms, poster
CG20 Productivity Impairment Among People with MS and Urinary Symptoms, poster
CG21 The Relationship Between Pain and Depression in MS, poster
CG22 Cognitive Reserve as a Possible Predictor of Cognitive Impairment in People with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
CG23 Nursing and Social Work Collaboration: Pioneering Patient Centered Care for Veterans with MS, poster
CG24 Negative Feelings Due Multiple Sclerosis in Caregivers and Patients
CG25 Quality of Life in Caregivers of Elderly Patients with MS, poster
CG26 The 'Long Duration' Multiple Sclerosis Patient: No One Gets Away That Easy, poster
CG27 A Pilot Interdisciplinary Group Cognitive Rehab Intervention for MS: 1-Year Follow-Up, poster
CG28 The Effect of a Creative Art Program on Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
CG29 MS Depression Screening: Influence on Provider Interventions and Clinical Outcomes, poster
CG30 InMotion: A Phone-Based RCT to Increase Physical Activity and Improve Mood, poster
CG31 Normative Data for the Stroop Color Word Test for a North American Population, poster
CG32 Motor and Neurocognitive Functioning in a Sample of Veterans with Multiple Sclerosis
CG33 The Addition of Biofeedback and Mindfulness Based Training Components to a Psychoeducational Model for a Multiple Sclerosis Support Group, poster
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Disease Management, Mechanisms, and Treatment
DX01 Benefit/Risk Evaluation of Multiple Sclerosis Treatments by Patients and Physicians, poster
DX02 Changes in Disability Status in Beta-Interferon Treated Multiple Sclerosis Patients: A Comparison of the Extremes, poster
DX03 What Prompts a Switch in Disease Modifying Therapy Beyond First Line Therapies?, poster
DX04 Hospitalizations Among Patients with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
DX05 Challenging Management of Neuromyelitis Optica During Pregnancy, poster
DX06 Clinical Outcomes and Cause of Death in Patients From the 21-Year Long-Term Follow Up Study, poster
DX07 Interactive Multiple Sclerosis Self-Paced Nurse Education Program, poster
DX08 Fingolimod Efficacy by Prior Disease-Modifying Therapy Experience: FREEDOMS, poster
DX09 Patient Preferences for Multiple Sclerosis Treatments: TRIBUNE Study, poster
DX10 Interferon Beta-1A Titration Reduces Subjective Flu-Like Symptoms and Fever, poster
DX11 Subcutaneous Interferon Beta-1A Treatment of Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis, poster
DX12 The Multiple Sclerosis Self-Management Workshop
DX13 Rituximab Therapy in Secondary-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: A Two-Year Retrospective Analysis, poster
DX14 Analysis of First Dose Observation Data for MS Treatment with Fingolimod, poster
DX15 The History of the Vascular Theories of Multiple Sclerosis
DX16 Clinical Aspects of Multiple Sclerosis Patients with Normal Spinal Cord Imaging, poster
DX17 Incidence of Silent Spinal Cord Lesions in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, poster
DX18 T-Cell Subtype in Multiple Sclerosis Patients Treated with Fingolimod, poster
DX19 The Food Critic Who Couldn't Taste and 6 Other Cases of Dysgeusia in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
DX20 Pseudobulbar Affect in MS: Baseline Interrelations in a Study Cohort, poster
DX21 Effects of BG-12 on Magnetic Resonance Imaging Outcomes in the DEFINE Study, poster
DX22 Case Report: Progressive Encephalopathy in a Multiple Sclerosis Patient Responsive to Plasma Exchange, Including Magnetic Resonance Imaging, poster
DX23 Hight Risk Syndrome for Neuromyelitis Optica: A Clinical Analysis and Follow-Up Study of Nine Cases
DX24 Association of Neurologic Deficits: Manual Injection vs. Autoinjector Use, poster
DX25 Patient Injection Setting Preferences on an Autoinjector for IFN ß-1A, poster
DX26 As Observational Study Examining Factors Affecting Quality of Life in Subjects Receiving Tysabri and the Effect of Tysabri on Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis Over 12 Months Study Name: Quartet - Quality of Life in MS, poster
DX27 Daclizumab HYP Improves Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis Patients, poster
DX28 Fingolimod Slows Brain Volume Loss Regardless of Inflammatory Activity, poster
DX29 Identifying the Needs of Women With Relapsing Remitting MS of Childbearing Age and Their Unmet Clinical Needs in Pregnancy
DX30 Multiple Sclerosis and Huntington's Chorea: a Case Report and Literature Review, poster
DX31 Safety and Tolerability of BG-12 in the Phase 3 CONFIRM Study, poster
DX32 Strive Study: Natalizumab in Anti-JCV Seronegative Patients With Early MS, poster
DX33 Quantifying Neurodegeneration in Multiple Sclerosis White Matter Tracts With Diffusion Tensor Imaging, poster
DX34 Cost Sharing and Initiation of Disease-Modifying-Therapy for MS, poster
DX35 You Are What You Walk: Investigating the Clinical Meaningfulness of the Timed 25 Foot Walk (T25FW), poster
DX36 Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) Diagnosed As Syrinx On MRI, poster
DX37 Establishing a Gilenya Service in Greater Manchester (UK), poster
DX38 Observations of Patients With Multiple Sclerosis Reporting Endovascular Procedures, poster
DX39 Misdiagnosis of Initial Neurological Symptoms As Vascular Disease Rather Than Demyelinating Disease, poster
DX40 Alemtuzumab Improves Quality of Life Compared To IFNB-1A in CARE-MS I, poster
DX41 Alemtuzumab-Associated Infusion Reactions in CARE-MS I, poster
DX42 Observations On the Design of Secondary Progressive MS Trials, poster
DX43 Utilization of Shared Medical Appointment for First Day Observation for Fingolimod ( Gilenya ), poster
DX44 A Novel Method of Sharing Practice Patterns: the Mellen Center "Approach", poster
DX45 Fingolimod Efficacy by Time Since First Symptoms in Phase 3 Studies, poster
DX46 Patient-Reported Outcomes After Switching To Fingolimod: EPOC Study Design, poster
DX47 Effect of Fingolimod On the Immune Response To Vaccination, poster
DX48 How To Improve Patient Centred Care With Increased Cost Effectiveness, poster
DX49 Atypical Multiple Sclerosis With Bilateral Internal Jugular Vein Occlusion, poster
DX50 Multiple Sclerosis After Bariatric Surgery, poster
DX51 Hospital and ER Use Among Newly Diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis Patients, poster
DX52 Multiple Sclerosis Patient Treated With Natalizumab Develops Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura, poster
DX53 The Gulf War Era Multiple Sclerosis Cohort: Clinical Features At First Diagnosis, poster
DX54 Rebound Symptoms in Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS) Or Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Patients Treated With Intravenous Methylprednisolone 1 Gram/Day for 3 Days vs 1 Gram/Day for 5 Days. A Retrospective Chart Review, poster
DX55 NARCOMS: Simple Observation of Relapses Perceived To Be Inferior To Therapy, poster
DX56 Vitamin D Status in African-American Patients With Multiple Sclerosis: a Cohort Study, poster
DX57 Cost Effectiveness of Early Versus Delayed Treatment With Fingolimod, poster
DX58 High Dose Immunosuppressive Therapy (HDIT) With Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) Is Effective in Multi-Agent Refractory Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO), poster
DX59 A One-Year Analysis of Fingolimod Utilization Patterns in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment, poster
DX60 Pegylated Interferon Beta-1A in Relapsing MS: Baseline Characteristics, poster
DX61 Phase 2 Study of Fingolimod Efficacy and Safety in Japanese Patients, poster
DX62 Correlation Between Qol and Clinical and MRI Measures in Early MS, poster
DX63 Physical and Mental Comorbidities in a Managed Care Population With Multiple Sclerosis, poster
DX64 Impact of Comorbidities On Medical Costs in Health Plan Members With Multiple Sclerosis, poster
DX65 Daclizumab HYP Reduces Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Disease Activity, poster
DX66 Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Exacerbations, poster
DX67 Clinical Importance of Accelerometer Output in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
DX68 Consistent Efficacy of Fingolimod Across Clinical Development Program, poster
DX69 Pregnancy, Alphafetoprotein and MS, poster
DX70 Predictors of Medication Adherence To Fingolimod: An Analyis of Specialty Pharmacy Data, poster
DX71 Anti-JCV Antibody Status in MS Patients: Baseline Results of STRATIFY-2, poster
DX72 Risk of Natalizumab-Associated Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy, poster
DX73 Final Results From the Intramuscular Interferon Beta-1A Pregnancy Registry, poster
DX74 Safety and Pharmacokinetics of BG-12 Given With and Without Aspirin, poster
DX75 CCSVI: the Message in Social Media, poster
DX76 Does Risk Tolerance To MS Therapies Change Over Time? a NARCOMS Survey, poster
DX77 Effects of BG-12 On Quality of Life in Relapsing-Remitting MS in DEFINE, poster
DX78 The Modified Rankin Score Compared To EDSS and MRI Measures in the COMBIRX Randomized Trial: 3 Year Results, poster
DX79 Sustained Long Term Use of Interferon Beta-1A in Patients With Relapsing MS, poster
DX80 Longitudinal Follow Up of a Cohort of Subjects With Incidental Abnormal MRI At Presentation, poster
DX81 Total Macular Volume and Its Association With Ambulatory Parameters in Persons With MS, poster
DX82 The Pacific Northwest MS Registry: Year 4 Update and Diagnosis Validation, poster
DX83 Comparing Rituximab Induction Followed by Glatiramer Acetate To Glatiramer Acetate Alone in Patients With MS, poster
DX84 An Open-Label, Survey-Based, Multicenter Study To Determine Patient Satisfaction With Single-Use Prefilled Avonex® Pen Autoinjector in Multiple Sclerosis Patients Study Name: Avonex® Pen Satisfaction and Patients Experience Clinical Trial (ASPECT), poster
DX85 Patients With Cognitive Impairment Maintain Good Treatment Adherence With Rebismart™, poster
DX86 Clinical and Demographic Features of Participants in a VA Longitudinal Study of MS, poster
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RH01 Mentally Simulated Motor Actions in Neurorehabilitation: A New Protocol for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH02 Effects of a Physical Therapy Reference for Neurologists Treating Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH03 Physical Therapy, A Part of a Multidisciplinary Team for People with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH04 Comparison of Actigraph Accelerometers in Persons with MS and Healthy Controls, poster
RH05 Two Conditions of Administering the Six-Minute Walk in Persons with MS, poster
RH06 Effects of a Fall Prevention Initiative on Falls During Outpatient Visits in an MS Center, poster
RH07 The Effects of a 6-Minute Endurance Walk on Selected Gait Characteristics in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH08 Newly Diagnosed Clinic: Emerging Model in MS Care, poster
RH09 Activity Based Rehabilitation May Preserve Function in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH10 Impact of a Hip Flexion Assist Device on Gait Performance in MS, poster
RH11 Agreement Between Self-Report and Clinician-Administered EDSS Scores, poster
RH12 Validity and Sensitivity of Spatiotemporal Parameters of Gait in MS, poster
RH13 People with Multiple Sclerosis Show Improved Gait with Balance-Based Torso Weighting, poster
RH14 Berg Balance Scale Scores in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis are Different in Fatigued vs. Non-Fatigued Conditions, poster
RH15 Validation of Self-Reported Balance and Mobility Measures in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH16 Validation of an Abbreviated Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH17 Walking Impairment and Gait Variability in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH18 Whole Limb Vibration Facilitates Magnetic Evoked Potential (MEP) Response, poster
RH19 Targeted Lower Extremity Joint Training Effects on Gait Abnormalities, poster
RH20 Evaluation of a Multiple Sclerosis Educational Track for Physical Therapy Students, poster
RH21 Associations Between a Measurement of Upper Limb Function and the Expanded Disability Status Scale in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH22 Qualitative Needs Assessment of People with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH23 Employment Needs of People with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH24 Psychometric Properties of Three Depression Scales in People with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH25 Exploring Unmet Needs in MS: Who Needs What?, poster
RH26 The Multiple Sclerosis Self-Management Scale: Psychometric Testing, poster
RH27 Weight Status and Disability in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH28 Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale-12 Scores and Gait Parameters, poster
RH29 Neurotronics Walkaide in MS Patients, poster
RH30 Predicting Community Participation in Adults with Multiple Sclerosis
RH31 Dual Task Mobilty and Falls Risk in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH32 The Path to Work in People with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH33 Tracking Instrumented Gait and Balance in Multiple Sclerosis Over 18 Months, poster
RH34 The Effects of Strength Training Protocols on Fatigue, Strength and Quality of Life in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
RH35 Physical Activity, Self-Efficacy, and Health-Related Quality of Life In Persons with Multiple Sclerosis: Analysis of Change Over One Year, poster
RH36 A Comparison of Balance Training in Multiple Sclerosis: Conventional Training vs. Nintendo® Wii Fit™ Game Play, poster
RH37 Living Well with Multiple Sclerosis: A Healthcare Provider Perspective, poster
RH38 Validation of the Six Spot Step Test as a Measure of Ambulation in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
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Symptom Management
SX01 Dose-Finding Study of Dextromethorphan/Quinidine for Central Neuropathic Pain in MS, poster
SX02 Evaluation of Provider Referrals to Additional Services for Management of Multiple Sclerosis Patients: Survey Results From the 2011 CMSC Meeting, poster
SX03 Assessing Quality Measures in Multiple Sclerosis Patients with Initiation of Dalfampridine, poster
SX04 Sustained-Release Fampridine and Mobility in Multiple Sclerosis: Beyond the Timed 25-Foot Walk Test: A Case Series, poster
SX05 Fatigue: Take Control: A VA Multi-Center Randomized Controlled Trial, poster
SX06 Walking Speed and Health-Related Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis, poster
SX07 Correlation of Functional Impact of Headaches in an MS Cohort, poster
SX08 Disease Modifying Treatments and Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms, poster
SX09 Office-Based Single-Bolus Intrathecal Baclofen Trials in MS Patients: A Call to Action, poster
SX10 Gilenya® Risk and Support Program (GRASP): A Melbourne Experience, poster
SX11 Participation in Multiple Sclerosis Wellness Programs and Services, poster
SX12 Features in Spontaneous Speech and Conversational Narrative: Comparison of Persons with MS and Those with AD, poster
SX13 There's More Hidden Below the Belt Than First Thought, poster
SX14 Treatment Consensus for Flu Like Symptoms During Interferon Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis, poster
SX15 Ampyra Improves Walking and Community Participation in Veterans with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
SX16 Demographic Assessment of Dalfampridine Extended Release Tablets Usage, poster
SX17 Patient or Caregiver Knowledge of Dalfampridine Safety and Use Information, poster
SX18 Prescriber Utilization Study of Dalfampridine Extended Release Tablets, poster
SX19 The Impact of Tobacco Use on Symptoms in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
SX20 Town Hall Discussions: Information, Support, Growth and Development of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses During Moderated Dialogues, poster
SX21 Prevalence of Asymptomatic Urinary Tract Infections in Persons with Mulitple Sclerosis
SX22 Neuromyelitis Optica is Frequently Associated with Severe and Intractable Pain, poster
SX23 Multiple Sclerosis and Spinal Cord Care: Expanding Access and Coordination of Care in the VA, poster
SX24 Symptomatic Correlates of Six-Minute Walk Performance in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis, poster
SX25 Migraines in Multiple Sclerosis: Reports from a Multiethnic Cohort, poster
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